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Warning Signs your Car's Brakes are Failing

Most likely, you will not need Thorpe Garage to inspect your vehicle's brakes to know they need replaced and/or failing. Many times, you begin to feel signs in the brake pedal itself of failure or more than likely, you will hear a loud drone of the brakes squealing.

1. Warning Light/ABS Light

When your brake lights come on, it’s warning sign that the brakes need service. The light is generally flashing red or bright orange to indicate that your brakes require servicing. Thorpe Garage will be able to tell you when they are due for inspection so don't wait!

2. Vehicle is pulling a direction while stopping

Your vehicle may need a brake adjustment if you notice that while your vehicle is braking, it "pulls" to one side more than the other. This is a definite signal of a potential uneven lining wear on your brakes due to foreign matter in them!

3. Soft Brake Pedal

Note the brake pedal tension change. If you feel the pedal being spongy or "softer" than usual, have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Many different problems can cause this problem. Immediately check the brakes as they are essential for your safety.

4. Grinding Noise

A grinding noise while braking can indicate a number of issues, such as the caliper unit being clogged with rocks or worn-out pads. There are also other potential causes that could result in this type of sound and it's important you take your car into an auto repair shop immediately if you notice any problems like these!

Contact Thorpe Garage for a Free Inspection

Thorpe Garage is Johnstown, Ohio's Brake Repair Center. How do you know if your brakes need replacing? As soon as the pedal starts to make that annoying sound and feel, then it's time for an inspection. The more we drive on old or faulty equipment- the overall damage risk potential increases. Give us a call today at (740) 966-5239 or visit us online at


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