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Johnstown, OH Tire Services

The main functions of car tires are to support the weight of the car, transmit traction and braking power to the road, absorb road shocks, and change and maintain the direction of travel. To maintain these characteristics properly, you need to regularly check a few important points of each tire, such as tread depth, wear, pressure, damage and marks.

Tire Services

Do not wait until the tire surface is completely worn before replacing the tire. This results in poor quality treads as they are no longer useful. This condition is called "bald." A bald tire does not have the same stopping power, grip and runs the risk of popping.

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A Safer Trip

New tires bring added security for the driver and passengers in almost every road condition. New tires improve the vehicle's parking, driving and turning capabilities. For about $400 every couple years, you can have new tires-a very small premium to maintain a safe and healthy driving experience.


Increased Performance

The amount of time it takes the car to stop and the speed at which it turns corners depends on the quality of the tires. This determines how much force the car applies to the ground and can brake fast enough to drive safely. Most tires are performance focused and are made of more viscous compounds with an aggressive tread design.


Better Fuel Economy

Tire condition can have a significant impact on gasoline. A worn, rough pair of tires affects fuel economy as the car has to work harder to transfer that force to the ground. For best results, tires must be in good condition and always inflated to the correct pressure. Also, whenever you replace a defective tire, have it repaired by Thorpe Garage.

When Do I Need New Tires?

Do you find yourself googling, "tires for sale near me" Thorpe Garage provides excellent service and vehicle tires at competitive rates in Johnstown, Ohio. We encourage tire inspections and tire rotations to ensure that your car is not being forced to work overtime through old, bald tires . Schedule your next tire change today and stop in to Thorpe Garage.

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